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Home Improvement Ideas Home Office Additions

Everyone seems to want to work from home. It’s staggering the number of people that are starting home businesses. Yet, it’s not just about home businesses, many companies are allowing their employees to work from home either full or part time.

But, how do you prepare your home for a home business or a work-from-home job? And, when is it advisable to renovate or even build an addition? Let’s take a look at a few home office requirements.

What Does a Home Office Need to be Productive?

Working from home can be messy. Do you value a clean, orderly house? What conditions are ideal for you to be most productive? These are just the basic questions. You must also consider the activities you’ll be performing in your business or work-from-home job. The most important consideration is whether a simple house remodel will suffice or if you’ll need to create a home addition.

Here are some basic considerations to think about:

  • Does your workspace need to be private and quiet? Will family interruptions ruin your day? Sometimes a job that requires a lot of creativity or private phone conversations requires a definitive separation from the rest of the home.
  • What kind of office equipment is needed? Extensive equipment may require additional wiring for more outlets and phone lines. This could also necessitate an additional circuit breaker.
  • Will you need to have customers over to your home office? You’ll want to check into local restrictions but usually it’s not a problem to have a few visitors. But, will you want a separate entrance for them? Will they need a parking spot? What about a waiting area?
  • How much room will you need to run an efficient home office? Depending on your business, the type equipment and the amount of mail, paperwork, supplies, and furniture, enough space can be a challenge. Storage can be a huge issue.

Do You Need a Home Addition or a Basic Remodel?

Don’t do anything rash. My advice is to start small. Is it a short term, work-from-home gig or is this a full on home business that will be permanent. You’ll want to be able to answer the above questions and doing so may take some time.

If you are starting a business, let it become successful before you do anything major to your home. First off, you may decide against expansion. Secondly, once you are successful with the business, you’ll have a far better idea as to your needs. Home businesses can fail, interests can wane, but a home addition is forever. Plan wisely.

Real World Home Improvement Ideas

As a home remodeling project, I decided to turn the small bathroom off of my kitchen into a pantry. My house already had two full bathrooms and the tiny bathroom in the kitchen area was only a half bath with just a sink and toilet. Since my home has limited storage space, especially in the kitchen area, I thought it would be a great idea to transform this space into a more useful area.

The first thing we did was remove the sink and toilet and take out the plumbing, which involved going under the house into the crawlspace and capping the water lines. We attached Sharkbite fittings between the plastic Pex pipe and the old copper pipe and it worked great. Not a leak could be seen.

Then the holes in the wall had to be patched with dry wall compound and tape. After I patched the walls, I then sanded the area and painted over it. You couldn’t even tell a sink had been there. For the toilet, we capped the hole and nailed down wood. Of course, I had to break out the ceramic tile and then replace it, which was a tedious job. Luckily it only involved about four pieces. Still chiseling out mortar and grout is not a fun chore!

After all remnants of the bathroom were removed, my dad measured the closet for shelves. We decided to have shelves go all the way to the top of the room for maximum storage. After having the pieces delivered to my front door from the local lumber yard, my dad used his handy Craftsman tools (we love Craftsman) to cut the pieces to size and nail them in.

The final step was staining the wood to protect it from damage. This is something I recommend be done before nailing up the shelves as it is very hard to get into some of those tight spaces. I learned that the hard way. I removed the heavy bathroom door and replaced it with a thin bifold door that took up less space. The final product received lots of compliments from guests and I now have somewhere to stock all my green beans!

Enhancing Your Outdoor Home Design

When it comes to designing a house, most people tend to focus more on the interior since it is the part where the members of the family will spend the most of their time. However, this does not mean that the outside part of the home should not be given importance. If you want to have a nice looking house, you would need to take care of the outdoor part too. It is what people will see when they visit your house. It would be odd if the outside part would not complement the beauty of what is inside. There are actually a lot of things you can do to make your outdoors look good. It would be excellent to have a professional designer create the structure and design for you but it is also great to come up with your own design in order to ensure that what will be done is according to your preferences and that all your needs will be taken care of.

Choose the Right Type of Paint – One of the simplest things you can do to make the outside part of your home look better is to have a good wall paint color. Choose something that would complement the overall look of your house may it be vintage, elegant, or modern. There is a wide variety of paint types and colors you can choose in the market. Though it is a very simple thing to do, it could have a big and positive effect.

Add Outdoor Furniture – It is common to have a lot of furniture indoors but there are also some outdoor furniture made available by different furniture shops today. Among them are the wicker outdoor sofas, outdoor coffee tables, and garden furniture. These types of furniture do not only enhance the outdoor design of your beloved property but it also provides functionality.

Outdoor Garden – This is one of the best ways to make your home outdoor designs look excellent. Having a garden would also enable you to help the environment. Hire a landscape artist or you can do it yourself. Start with something small and gradually work your way into having different plants, flowers, and even a tree depending on how much space you have outdoors.

Have a Deck and Patio – This is ideal if you have a big budget. A deck and patio are like an extension of your home which helps you achieve a certain outdoor design that you want. Much like having great outdoor furniture, a deck and patio would also add more functionality to your home apart from making it look better. Different patio designs are available out there and the best way to look for one is to ask an architect or a professional house designer.

These are just among the different ways to enhance the outdoor design of your house. In order to get the design that you want, you really do not have to spend much as long as you are resourceful and creative.