Home Improvement Ideas Home Office Additions

Everyone seems to want to work from home. It’s staggering the number of people that are starting home businesses. Yet, it’s not just about home businesses, many companies are allowing their employees to work from home either full or part time.

But, how do you prepare your home for a home business or a work-from-home job? And, when is it advisable to renovate or even build an addition? Let’s take a look at a few home office requirements.

What Does a Home Office Need to be Productive?

Working from home can be messy. Do you value a clean, orderly house? What conditions are ideal for you to be most productive? These are just the basic questions. You must also consider the activities you’ll be performing in your business or work-from-home job. The most important consideration is whether a simple house remodel will suffice or if you’ll need to create a home addition.

Here are some basic considerations to think about:

  • Does your workspace need to be private and quiet? Will family interruptions ruin your day? Sometimes a job that requires a lot of creativity or private phone conversations requires a definitive separation from the rest of the home.
  • What kind of office equipment is needed? Extensive equipment may require additional wiring for more outlets and phone lines. This could also necessitate an additional circuit breaker.
  • Will you need to have customers over to your home office? You’ll want to check into local restrictions but usually it’s not a problem to have a few visitors. But, will you want a separate entrance for them? Will they need a parking spot? What about a waiting area?
  • How much room will you need to run an efficient home office? Depending on your business, the type equipment and the amount of mail, paperwork, supplies, and furniture, enough space can be a challenge. Storage can be a huge issue.

Do You Need a Home Addition or a Basic Remodel?

Don’t do anything rash. My advice is to start small. Is it a short term, work-from-home gig or is this a full on home business that will be permanent. You’ll want to be able to answer the above questions and doing so may take some time.

If you are starting a business, let it become successful before you do anything major to your home. First off, you may decide against expansion. Secondly, once you are successful with the business, you’ll have a far better idea as to your needs. Home businesses can fail, interests can wane, but a home addition is forever. Plan wisely.