Real World Home Improvement Ideas

As a home remodeling project, I decided to turn the small bathroom off of my kitchen into a pantry. My house already had two full bathrooms and the tiny bathroom in the kitchen area was only a half bath with just a sink and toilet. Since my home has limited storage space, especially in the kitchen area, I thought it would be a great idea to transform this space into a more useful area.

The first thing we did was remove the sink and toilet and take out the plumbing, which involved going under the house into the crawlspace and capping the water lines. We attached Sharkbite fittings between the plastic Pex pipe and the old copper pipe and it worked great. Not a leak could be seen.

Then the holes in the wall had to be patched with dry wall compound and tape. After I patched the walls, I then sanded the area and painted over it. You couldn’t even tell a sink had been there. For the toilet, we capped the hole and nailed down wood. Of course, I had to break out the ceramic tile and then replace it, which was a tedious job. Luckily it only involved about four pieces. Still chiseling out mortar and grout is not a fun chore!

After all remnants of the bathroom were removed, my dad measured the closet for shelves. We decided to have shelves go all the way to the top of the room for maximum storage. After having the pieces delivered to my front door from the local lumber yard, my dad used his handy Craftsman tools (we love Craftsman) to cut the pieces to size and nail them in.

The final step was staining the wood to protect it from damage. This is something I recommend be done before nailing up the shelves as it is very hard to get into some of those tight spaces. I learned that the hard way. I removed the heavy bathroom door and replaced it with a thin bifold door that took up less space. The final product received lots of compliments from guests and I now have somewhere to stock all my green beans!