The Best Window Coverings for Arched Windows

We bought an older home that has some beautiful windows. They are arched at the top. Try to get window coverings for windows like that. We restored the home, which required removing the heavy curtains that covered the windows making them look square inside. We decided to go with plantation shutters instead of fabric or other window coverings made for regular windows. The shutters let the beauty of the arched windows shine both inside and outside of our home.

The shutters we got were custom made for every window in the house. We controlled everything about the design of the plantation shutters from the color of the wood down to the color of the hinges. These are shutters that go on the inside of the windows. They are finely crafted and become part of the architecture of your home once they are installed. They are functional shutters too. The louvered slats open and close to control light levels and privacy. You can also swing the shutters wide open if you like. The amount of light they let in is wonderful.

When we first looked at the home, it was dark inside. We installed lighting during the renovations, but the shutters that let the natural light come in through the windows is what really made the difference. The architect that designed this home planned for the windows to let the rooms fill with light during the day. The previous owners covered the windows with curtains and kept them closed all the time. We eat our meals as a family n the dining room. Lunch is bright and cheery with the shutters opened wide to let all the light in. At night we close the shutters for perfect privacy. The plantation shutters we purchased are the best money we spent in all of our renovations of our new home.